Harry Potter Wizards Unite – How to get Unlimited Gold & XP

There are lakhs of games being available on Playstore and iTunes, and if we take out any game there is something called primary resources which are the key token to get everything in the game. But the fact is that they are limited .

If you want more of it then you have to buy it with real cash because that is where game makers earn the most, so its simple if you want more primary resources just spend lots of cash then you’ll be the king in the game.

Likewise, Harry Potter Wizards Unite is a Recent game release by Niantic in association with WB Bros and Portkey games.

The main speciality about this game is that it was Niantic’s 2nd ever game release after pokemon Go and it is also the same augmented reality game like the Pokemon Go.

It consists of characters from Both Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts.

About Gold & XP in Harry Potter Wizards Unite

As like every other game this game also contains its primary resources and it is none other than gold.

You can get gold in the game either by

  • Completing missions and founding a new foundables.


  • Or else by opening chests which gives you some few golds every time you open it.


  • And by getting levelling up you’ll get gold.


  • Then by completing tasks and getting daily rewards too.


With this gold you can use it prepare potions, buy new ingredients and getting to portkeys, likewise gold can be used in many ways throughout the game.

XP, on the other hand, is another factor which is used for levelling up, faster you level the more new things you can discover in the game.

How to get Unlimited Gold & XP in Harry Potter Wizards Unite

So now this is the part where you guys where expecting to know.

In order to get unlimited Gold, XP, ingredients, keys and everything in the game there are two simple ways.

Step 1 : Download our Mod for Harry Potter Wizards Unite.

Step 2: if not try our Harry Potter Wizards Unite Hack.


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