Harry Potter Wizards Unite – Things to know about the game

So finally the most awaited Niantic’s Harry Potter Wizard Unite is going to be arriving soon, the wait is finally over.

The pre-registration for the game has been started officially and the game is going to be released very soon.

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But now the information about the game can be easily obtained since the game has pre-launched in New Zealand and Australia.

With these access to beta Servers, we have gathered lots of info about the game.

So the things we are going to see about the game are

  • History of the game.
  • About the game makers.
  • How the game works.
  • The official Release date of the game.

History of the Game

  • The first official information about the game was announced on Nov 8 2017.


  • Then it was said that it was an augmented reality game that is going to be developed by WB, Niantic.


  • Also, they said that this game has superior and advanced level AR features compared to the Pokemon Go.


  • On Nov 14 2018, it was confirmed that the game will be released in 2019.


  • On the month of March, the first gameplay of the game has been released.


  • Finally, on March 11 2019, the pre-registration for Harry Potter Wizards Unite has officially started on Niantic.


  • In the month of April, the game has Pre-launched in New Zealand.


  • On the First Week of May, the game has now pre-launched in Australia.


If you haven’t yet watched the trailer of the game, see it now

About the game Makers

  • If we start to speak about the game makers, there has been a lot of things to spoke, and they were “The Best” ones in the town of all time.



  • We all know about Warner and Bros, who don’t know them actually and they are one of the finest game makers of all time.


  • So if you heard about Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Game then you should have known about Portkey game who were the publishers of that game also publishing this game too.


  • And finally Niantic, the game makers who have created history with Pokemon Go and they are making this game Harry Potter Wizards Unite.

How the Game Works

  • This is the part where Niantic has done a great job in keeping out the information about the game so silent, and yet we have discovered some information about the game since the beta is released


  • So this game actually contains characters and content of both Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts actually which is the most exciting part to watch out for.


  • As Niantic is creating out this game they are implementing the same technology in the game like Pokemon Go and we can expect a more better version of Pokemon Go in this game.


  • With the purchase of Escher Reality, the game is expected to implement new technology to allow for persistent worlds.


So there are few information that has been released out by the game makers and they are

  • So there has been a calamity over the muggle world and there is a huge risk of magic exposure and the secrets of wizard world.


  • This is what you see on the official website, so you’ll be joining as a new recruit and you have to fight against the calamity to save the secrets of wizard world before exposure.


  • There are 60 levels in the game, with completion of each level you can unlock certain special features.


  • Also, daily rewards such as Gold, XP, ingredients for brewing Portions can be obtained.


  • Plus also complete various tasks to unlock more rewards.


Features of the Game

  • In a location on the map like, including Inns, Greenhouses, Fortresses, and magical Traces you can trigger or encounter specific things.


  • You can experience  3D encounters in full 360-degree advanced AR+ where you have to cast magic spells.


  • You can experience out complete RPG multiplayer challenges in Fortresses on the Map.


  • And you can choose and specialize in any professions like Auror, Magizoologist, and Professor.


  • Once you discovered and activates Portkey Portmanteau, you can transport to any wizard locations but it unlocks after completing Certain challenges, also you need keys to open the Portkeys.


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The official Release date of the game

Since the pre-registration for the game has started on March 11 2019, the game has high chances of being released within the period of 90 days. So stay alert guys.

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