Harry Potter Wizards Unite vs Pokemon Go – Things to know

If we start to discuss Harry Potter Wizards Unite vs Pokemon Go then we have lots of things to speak so we’ll see about the major things and improvements that Niantic has made out in this game.

The technology is a really fast-growing thing and there is nothing to stop its growth, it keeps on going from ages, but using the technology in the right way is the key to it.

Its been hardly three years since the release of Pokemon Go and this is their first ever game release and that too with the implementation of Augmented Reality.

Pokemon Go is the first game to get an augmented reality game release so far in the store and though many other games have come out based on Augmented reality yet most of them have failed.

The hype was too high for pokemon Go right before the release and after the game release too, this game has that much wide reach.

Will Harry Potter able to go that further or even better than it we have to wait and see what happens.

However, with the current hype for the Harry Potter the game will definitely have an amazing start but keeping up the momentum really depends on how the game works.

Let’s see in depth about these two games.

Pokemon Go – How the game works

  • First, we have to specially mention that this game Pokemon Go has been downloaded nearly 850 million times, seriously this really a great number.


  • And it was named as the “Best Mobile Game” by The Game Developers Choice Awards and “Best App of the Year” by TechCrunch.


  • Really these numbers are amazing and outstanding and it shows how great the games is.


  • So taking about how the game works, the thing is that you have to catch the pokemon all around the globe.


  • This is not a game where you can sit idle in a place and play.


  • It’s a location-based AR game where you have to move around to the places and find them.


  • As you move around when the pokemon is nearby your phone will vibrate, then you have to throw the Pokeball and catch the pokemon out there.


  • Note the fact that  You’ll have to stay alert, or it might get away!.


  • Always look up for the pokemon, some pokemon appear in nearby places, for example, Water pokemon is available in nearby lakes and ponds.


  • Also to stock up on Poké Balls and helpful items visit nearby gyms and Poke Stops.


  • If you want to complete your Poke Dex then you have to level up and so that you’ll be able to catch more powerful pokemon.


  • Also you have the choice to join one of the three teams and battle out for the ownership of your gym with your pokemon.


  • After defeating and capturing the gym, you can then assign your powerful pokemon to defend your gym from the attack of others.

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Watch the below video to know more about the release of the game in australia

Harry Potter Wizards Unite – How the game Works

  • Like Pokemon Go Harry Potter Wizard Unite is also going to an AR game, but with a different concept and a new gaming experience.


  • This game consists of characters from both Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts.


  • Here the concept of this game is that you’ll be taken as new recruit to investigate the calamity and save the wizard world from getting exposed due to calamity.


  • This is also a location-based augmented reality game too like Pokemon Go.


  • Here for this game Niantic has purchased a new technology called Escher Reality and implements this technology in this game which allows you to port to different places.


  • Plus like the way you have caught pokemon in the pokemon go, here you have to catch muggles by using the spells instead of pokeballs.


  • Like you fight against different teams for gyms in pokemon go, here you fight at the fortress.


  • Any many different are there in this game, most of the information about the game is still unknown.


  • The game is going to be released soon, since the pre-registration for the game has started.


  • Also, the game is pre-released in New Zealand and Australia.

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Pokemon Go vs Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Let’s see in short about the main changes that you’ll be going to see in Harry Potter Wizard unite from Pokemon Go.

  • Implementation of New Escher Reality in Harry Potter Wizard Unite, its an advanced new technology.


  • Here you have to catch the foundables and send them back to the wizarding world instead of pokemons.


  • And here in this game instead of gyms you have to capture the fortress and defend it.

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So now its time for you to decide and tell us which is the best in the comments section below.

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