Harry Potter Wizard Unite Spoofing for Android & iOS 2019 – 100% Working

The release dates for the game Harry Potter Wizard Unite has been recently updated and we can soon expect a release from the game makers.

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Speaking about the game, Harry Potter Wizard Unite is a Location-based Augmented Reality game developed by Niantic in association with Warner Bros and Portkey Games.

So the pre-registration for the game has been opened on March 11 and has been still going on, if you have not pre-registered do it now.

The process of spoofing has been started when the game pokemon Go released itself, since it is also an Location-based game where you have to move to capture pokemon.

So likewise Harry Potter Wizard Unite is also a location-based game so you can’t sit idle in a place and easily get all you want.

If you want to do that then you have to do spoofing, then only you’ll be able to play the game by sitting idle in a place.

The process of spoofing is not going to be as easy as you think, you have to very careful in that, since it is a highly risky process.

There are chances of permanent account ban if you are being caught by Niantic, so know what are you doing.

What is Spoofing?

So actually Spoofing is a process of Faking up your location, which allows you to play the game on your couch itself, so there is no need for you to move around.

We infectentertainment always wants you to play the game legally

Requirements to do Spoofing

So for doing the process of Spoofing, you need certain requirements in your device actually.

  1. You need a rooted android device.
  2. And a jailbreak iOS device.

Harry Potter Wizard Unite GPS Spoofing Android Without Root

So do spoofing without a root device, you have to follow certain steps to do out this process which were listed out below.

  • First, you have to become as a developer, if you want to avail out those options.


  • Now go to the settings then about and then tap on Build number 7 times, now you’ll be a developer.


  • Once becoming as a developer, now go back you can see new developer settings and select the mock location and then the Fake GPS.


  • Now open the fake GPS and a joystick will be appearing on the screen.


  • You can now move the joystick to any location you want and play from your place.


Be careful in doing Harry Potter Wizard Unite Location Spoofing

Download our Harry Potter Wizard Unite Fake GPS for the easier process

How to do Harry Potter Wizard Unite Spoofing Android 2019 (Root)

Always remind one thing that though you do spoofing in a rooted device you have to use a certain application to hide out the fact that you are using a rooted or Jailbreak device.

So we simply explain the process in 4 steps before going in-depth.

Step 1 – Jailbreak or Root your Device.

Step 2 – Hide your Jailbreak or Root

Step 3 – Download a Location Faking APP

Step 4 – Now Catch them All

As we mentioned earlier the steps are so simple but you have to do it perfect than anyone for a perfect spoofing.

  • So for Android, you need a rooted device for this process if you don’t know how to root watch the video below.

  • And next you need to hide your root, for this, we prefer an app called Hide my Root which you can download it in the play store.


  • Now download a Location Faking APP for Harry Potter Wizard unite GPS Spoofing, try our Fake Location Spoofer free.


  • Now open the game and start exploring the locations.


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How to do Harry Potter Wizard Unite Spoofing iOS 2019 (Jailbreak)

The process for iOS is more or less similar to the Android but the apps you are going to use will differ.

  • So for iOS, you need a jailbroken device for this process, watch the below video to make your device jailbroken one.

  • To hide your jailbreak is the next one, for this try ts protector app, but remind that this app might charge you.


  • Then start Harry Potter Wizard Unite Location Spoofing iOS.


Still struggling with the progress of the game read our Harry Potter Wizard Unite Beginners Guide


This process will work, but do it at your own risk



If you have successfully done the process, please tell us your review in the comments section below.

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