Harry Potter Wizards Unite Spoofing for Android & iOS June 2019

So after a long wait Harry Potter Wizards Unite has been finally released out Worldwide on June 21st and is getting a massive response.

Speaking about the game, Harry Potter Wizard Unite is a Location-based Augmented Reality game developed by Niantic in association with Warner Bros and Portkey Games.

So the pre-registration for the game has been opened on March 11 and the game has been released out on June 21.

The process of spoofing has been started when the game pokemon Go released itself since it is also a Location-based game where you have to move to capture pokemon.

So likewise Harry Potter Wizard Unite is also a location-based game so you can’t sit idle in a place and easily get all you want.

If you want to do that then you have to do spoofing, then only you’ll be able to play the game by sitting idle in a place.

The process of spoofing is not going to be as easy as you think, you have to very careful in that, since it is a highly risky process.

There are chances of permanent account ban if you are being caught by Niantic, so know what are you doing.

What is Spoofing?

So actually Spoofing is a process of Faking up your location, which allows you to play the game on your couch itself, so there is no need for you to move around.

We infectentertainment always wants you to play the game legally


Harry Potter Wizard Unite GPS Spoofing Android Without Root (using FGL PRO)

So for doing spoofing without a rooted device, you have to follow certain steps to do out this process which were listed out below.

Spoofing using FGL is the most recommended and best working method for Harry Potter Wizards Unite, for that simply follow the steps given below

  • First, download the FGL Pro application using the above-given link.


  • Then disable the play store auto-update settings.


  • For this process, you need to downgrade your Google Play services version.


  • Inorder to do that you have to disable google play services.


  • To do that go to settings and there you can found app manager, you can found Google Play Services over there.


  • Once you found it disable or uninstall it if you can.


  • Now install the Google play services old version. (Link for downloading will be given in the app itself).


  • Now uninstall google play store updates.


  • Then install the downloaded old version of Google play services and restart your phone.


  • Next, you have to become as a developer, if you want to avail out those options.


  • Now go to the settings then about and then tap on Build number 7 times, now you’ll be a developer.


  • Once becoming as a developer, now go back you can see new developer settings and select it as mock location app,


  • Now once you have done this process open the FGL PRO and select the location where you want to play over and it will be impacted to the game.


  • Now open the Harry Potter Wizards Unite Game, you’ll be present out in the location that you have set out in the FGL Pro.


  • So most of the other Fake GPS don’t provide a joystick to move, but FGL PRO provides a joystick along with the application itself, so there is no need to download a new joystick for this process.

Be careful in doing Harry Potter Wizard Unite Location Spoofing

Download our Harry Potter Wizard Unite Fake GPS for the easier process

How to do Harry Potter Wizard Unite Spoofing Android 2019 (Root)

Always remind one thing that though you do spoofing in a rooted device you have to use a certain application to hide out the fact that you are using a rooted or Jailbreak device. Because actually, it is easier to do spoofing in rooted or Jailbreak devices and also get unlimited resources.

But the thing is that Niantic can easily found out the rooted or Jailbreaken devices so in order to do it in a safe way you need to hide your jailbreak and root using certain applications like Hide my root for android and ts protector app for iOS.

But whatever you do, there are 50% chances Niantic might find out you and once they find out the effects will be severe may be even your account getting banned.

So always be very careful in doing spoofing with rooted devices.


If you want to know how to root your location, watch the above video.

Pokemon Go vs Harry Potter Wizard Unite – Find out which game is better


Currently, this is the working spoofing method for Harry Potter Wizards Unite, but we’ll soon update you if we found other ways for that please subscribe to us


How to do Harry Potter Wizard Unite Spoofing iOS 2019 (without Jailbreak)

The process for iOS is more or less similar to the Android but the apps you are going to use will differ bu using iPotter application

  • So for iOS, it is not necessary that you need a jailbroken device for this process because you can also do spoofing even without a jailbroken device, watch the below video to make your device jailbroken one.


  • But the same disadvantage also applies for Jailbreaken device which we have mentioned above for android.


  • To hide your jailbreak is the next one, for this try ts protector app, but remind that this app might charge you.
  • It’s not complicated as like for APK one.
  • Just download and install the above-given file.
  • Provide required permissions with the application asks for.
  • Then start playing the game using spoofing.


Still struggling with the progress of the game read our Harry Potter Wizard Unite Beginners Guide


This process will work, but do it at your own risk


What if the spoofing doesn’t work on my device?

If it doesn’t work, the foremost reason would be that you might have done the process right, or else check your network connections.

Do I Certainly need a Rooted or Jailbreak device for this process?

No, you can do spoofing even on a non-rooted or Jailbreak device.

Is there any advantage of using rooted or jailbreak device for the spoofing process?

Yes, the main advantage is that you can do the spoofing process easier than a normal device, but it not that special.

Can I able to travel to any place?

Yes if you follow the process correctly then you can.

Will I get unlimited coins through spoofing?

No, absolutely not, if you want to try our Mod APK for it.


If you have successfully done the process, please tell us your review in the comments section below.

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