Harry Potter Wizards Unite Fortresses Gameplay and Things to know

So Harry Potter Wizards Unite is finally got released out after so much of expectations and so far so good.

The fortress is the place where you can be able to get more no of foundables and lots of rewards, ingredients much more than other places.

Usually, you can find the fortress on the Maps as you go on to certain places, and these fortresses look a lot more better than we have seen it on the pre-release images.

Fortressess is a place where you have to take out the Foe on certain floors either in a single mode or along with your teammates.

You can add up to 5 teammates in the game including yourselves to take out the foe.

There are up to 20 floors in the game as you progress on your foes will also get stronger and stronger.

Also to note that there will be multiple foes in each floor yet you can take out only a single Foe at one time though.

Same rewards if you battle solo or team up

Even though you have up to 5 players in the team it will be better and useful if you players of different professions.

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Watch the Below Video to get complete information about Fortresses

Because each player will have different specialities based on their professions.

Although all of your team members can’t take place in the combat at the same time, yet you can help your teammate from outside. For Example, Magizooligist from outside can help you in batting by healing you.

Each profession has its specialities in the game and there are three varieties of professions in the game namely

AurorMost effective against Dark Forces.
MagizoologistMost Effective against beasts.
ProfessorMost Effective against Curiosities.

So in order to start the battle at the fortress, you require a runestone which can be gathered using foundables.

There are almost 20 floors in the games and you can progress only after beating the foes on certain floors.

If you are lower up you can go up after certain floor unless you have a powerful teammate

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