Harry Potter Wizards Unite Beta Soft Launched on New Zealand – Things to Know

Finally, Harry Potter Wizards unite fans has got the happy news that they have been waiting for since now, Yes the Harry Potter Wizard Unite Beta server has been finally launched in New Zealand.

Even Niantics Previous hit pokemon Go was also first tested in New Zealand only so it’s not a big surprise to see that Harry Potter Wizard Unite Beta version being released in New Zealand first.

Also, there is an important fact to be noted about the beta version that let’s take out for example that you are a person who is living in America but eventually download the file and even started playing but you won’t be able to see or unlock creatures.

Everything on your map will be empty, only players in New Zealand will be able to access to all the features of this Beta since it is a beta version so the full features of the game will not be available in this version.

So here we have covered out everything that we know about the Harry Potter Wizard unite Beta version since one of our team member is a native of New Zealand.

So it really helps in getting every information about the game in an accurate way.

And the first trace of magic that you can interact in the game is Hagrid who is your first character to be revealed out in the game.

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Things to know about Registry

The registry is the place out where everything about the game will be present, it is like the heart of the game which you need to know very well if you want to progress faster in the game.

There are eventually 4 tabs of registry available in the game namely

  • Exploration
  • Mystery
  • Challenges.
  • Events.

Watch the below video to know more abut the beta version


It is where you have to explore out and find out the missing characters in the game,

There are almost 10 categories in the game hence further divided into

  • Magic Games and Sports.
  • Abnormalities.
  • Mysterious Artifacts.
  • Ministry of Magic.
  • Forces of Evil.
  • Magizoologie.
  • Care for Magical Creatures.
  • Hogwarts.
  • Wonders of the magic World.
  • Hogwarts Legends.


The types of challenges that are available in the game are

  • Books
  • Tricks and Catches.
  • Magic Artifacts.
  • Symbols of the wizarding world.
  • Magic Wands from Dumbledore’s Army.


The section of the Mystery has been divided out into 3 sections in the game.


Currently, there are no events available right now but soon we can expect out a mega event once the game is released worldwide.

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Soon you can expect the game release in your nation too, until then keep following us to get instant updates on Harry Potter Wizard Unite.


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