Harry Potter Wizard Unite Beginners Guide – 13 Important Tips & Tricks

The wait is finally going to be over since the Harry Potter Wizard Unite is going to be launched worldwide in a few days.

Yes, it’s true that the makers of this game Niantic have officially started out pre-registration for the game which means that the game is going to on live very sooner than expected.

Infact the Beta version for the game has been recently released out in New Zealand and Australia.

But unlikely the most of the information about the game has been still unknown and will be revealed only after the official release of the game.

But with the help of our close sources, we have gathered some information about the game that no one still knows.

Coming to the makers of the game, this game was actually going to be released by Niantic, the game maker of Popular Pokemon Go in association with Warner Bros and Portkey Games.

Like Pokemon Go, this is also an Augmented reality game and even the AR reality that has been implemented in Harry Potter Wizard Unite is much better than Pokemon Go.

How the game works

  • So this game well is an Augmented Reality game and you can experience the same features like in the pokemon go and may be even better.


  • There is a new technology implemented by the game makers which allows you to port from one place.


  • And this is a new technology which has been implemented out by any game makers for the first time.


  • This game contains characters from both Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts.


  • So there would be no limits for entertainment in this game for sure.


  • Well, this is only the 2nd game releasing worldwide based on the Harry Potter Series.


  • Its actually a game where you will be taken as a new recruit and the thing you need to do is save the wizard world from magic exposure.


  • You will be a new trainee recruit in this game, where you have to fight this calamity along with other recruits.


  • And this actually is a multiplayer reality game where you can also play along with your friends too.


Watch this video to know more about the game.

Harry Potter Wizard Unite – 13 Beginner Tips

1.Know about the Game

Before starting the game trying to know a lot of things about the game which will really help you in progressing your career. Believe us or not this is really going to help you out. There is no harm in trying out this.

2.Learn the game basics

Whenever you start any game not only Harry Potter Wizard Unite, try to learn the game from the scratch which will definitely gonna help you a lot.

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3.Play Regularly

So if you have started playing the game then play regularly, because it will keep your progress on track and make you a step ahead of others.

4.Saving the Wizard World

The main concept of this game is that a calamity has been caused and due to that there is a risk of exposure of wizard world to muggle world and you have to find out a way and stop the calamity as soon as possible.

5.Capture the Fortress

So fortress is the place where you can battle with the help of your friends to take out the foes and get more no of rewards, Actually, fortress appears on the Map and there are up to 20 floors in the game.

You can move to the next floor after defeating the foes on the current floor.

Your health will be decreased during the battles, also even though you play along with your friends only one person can take the battle while rest can help the fighting one by staying outside.

For example, your friend is Magizoologist so he can heal your health that you lost during the battle from outside.

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6.Collect More Ingredients

In order to defeat the foes of higher threat level, you can’t easily defeat those foes by casting spells you need to brew portions, for that you need ingredients in order to prepare those portions.

There are more than 75 kinds of ingredients available in the game, which you can find by visiting inns and get as rewards by levelling up.

7.Play with your Friends

Instead of taking the muggles alone you can use the your help of your friends and easily take out your opponents.

8. Practice Spells

So in order to save artefacts you have to cast spells in order to defeat the Foes, a highly perfect spell can easily beat down the Foe of Highest threat level, so know about the types of spell in the game, learn those spells and use it to beat the foes effectively

9. Craft Portions

For beating toughest foes you can’t do that by using spells, you need to brew portions in the cauldron which has special powers can be used to defeat the toughest foes.

And there are lots of portions available in the game which has its unique features.

10. Use the Master Notes

So in order to reduce out the brewing time for portions, you can use the master notes which will reduce the brewing time by 15%.

Also, there are certain master notes combinations for every portion, learn those portions effectively.

11. Choosing the Profession

So there are three various professions available in the game namely

  • Auror.
  • Magizoologist.
  • Professor.

And each of this profession has unique special skills which will be highly useful during the multiplayer battles.

And you can change your Profession at any time in the game.

12. Use the Portkeys

Portkeys are kind of special token to enter into a different world where you can ingredients and many more such things which can be used in the game.

But you have to walk for certain distance inorder to open the Portkey world, also you need a silver key for opening the portkey.

13. Check on for Updates

Always check on for updates like special events and play them which will get you a lot of rewards.


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