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So are you guys excited about the release of 2nd augmented reality location-based game by Niantic, well you should be excited if you are a person who loves AR games?

Because this game actually is coming with more advanced level AR which is much better than Pokemon Go by Niantic which was released a few years back.

Niantic has implemented a new technology out in this game and this is called Escher Reality which will allow you to enter into the persistent world.

On March 11 the makers of the game have officially announced the pre-registration for the game and they have also released a short informative video about the game.

And recently the game makers have released a beta version of the game in New Zealand and Australia too.

If you haven’t Pre-registered yet, do it now here because pre-registered users get some special gifts during the release of the game.

About the Game

  • Speaking about the game the title itself has lots of thing to speak, take a look at the title “Harry Potter Wizard Unite“, it means that all the wizards are going to unite for a certain cause.


  • So the thing is that a calamity has been caused which has a risk of exposing the wizard world.


  • And we have to find out and solve the calamity before the muggles see it.


  • Already it has started exposing the wizard world, we have to solve it as soon as possible.


  • You will be a new recruit, along with others you have to solve this issue.


  • Only this piece of news has been revealed by the game makers along with few videos.


  • Check out beta server to know more about the game.


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What is the Beta Server?

  • Beta Server is the one which the game makers release it before the official launch of the game to test to know how the game works with users.


  • And this beta phase lasts for 3-4 weeks.


  • There may not be much updates during the beta phase.


  • For the makers, the beta server is for testing purposes and for us it is for knowing about the game.

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Features of Harry Potter Wizards Unite Beta Server

  • First early access server for the game.


  • Get to know about the game with the help of this server.


  • Get all the updates immediately.

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How to Download and use Harry Potter Wizards Unite Beta Server

  • First, download the above-given file using the link.


  • After downloading, connect to any good VPN network.


  • In the settings give sufficient permissions for installation.


  • Now connect to the Beta Server and start exploring the game.


We believe that you loved our Beta Server, if not please tell us why.

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