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Finally, by starting out the Pre-registration for Harry Potter Wizard Unite, Niantic has bring down an end to the long wait for the release.

Since the pre-registration for the game has started it means that the game is going to be released soon.

Also, they have only released few videos warning about the urgency of a calamity, that has recently caused which has the risk of exposing the wizard world to the muggles.

That’s the only main thing they have revealed until now still, lots of things are yet to be revealed by the game makers because they have kept the information in so much silence.

That’s the reason why they haven’t even released the beta version of the game for testing which might reveal information about the game.

It’s really a great thing to see game makers like Niantic is making a good attempt in releasing the game at the same time for all over the world on Playstore, iTunes.

Because during the previous years most of the game makers release the game a year before to check how the game is compatible with the gaming devices, but Niantic haven’t done anything like that, it is what so special about them.

They are releasing this game in association with Warner Bros, Portkey Games who were also one of the famous game makers of all time.

Before the announcement of harry potter wizard unite, Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery is the only game that is based on Harry Potter Series and that is created by Portkey games.

For Niantic this is the 2nd game after Pokemon Go, their first game pokemon go has a wide reach which no one would have ever expected.

Also they are implementing the same AR technology which is used in Pokemon Go, its no doubt that harry potter wizard unite will be an absolute hit.

The release of the game can be expected soon because its nearly one month since the pre-registration of the game has started. Soon we can expect a launch date soon.

How the game works

  • The main concept of this game is that a Calamity has caused in the wizard world so due to that there is a risk of exposure of wizard world to the muggle world.


  • You’ll be taken as a new recruit, along the other wizards you are going to find the reason for this calamity and prevent this before it exposes the wizard world.


  • There are three types of professions available in the game and you can choose anything you want, but once chosen can’t be changed.


  • You can take multiplayer battles along with your friends at the fortress this is the place where multiplayer battles will take place.


  • And you can do things like preparing spells and magic bounds which can be used in multiplayer battles.


  • This game contains characters from both the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts.


  • So there is definitely a lot of entertainment going to be available in the game.


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What is Mod APK

So this question may arise a lot of time in many people because most of them don’t even clearly know what a Mod APK is, it is an APK file that has been altered against the gaming rules to provide unlimited features of the game.

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Is it safe to have Mod APK

Though it’s not legal as per the rules for using mod apk, but actually lots of games are having mod from lots of years before itself and there is no harm in using it but make sure you install it from a good source, maybe like us.

Features of Harry Potter Wizard Unite Mod

  • Get all the primary features of the game unlimited with our Mod.
  • And there is no need for installing Fake Gps separately.
  • No need to go outside and play though it is a location-based game if you use our Mod.
  • Many more such unlimited features are available with our Mod, check it out Now.

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How to download and install Harry Potter Wizard Unite Mod APK

  • First remove any old versions of the game from your device if you have.
  • Then download the Mod APK file.
  • Give sufficient permission whenever it asks for.
  • Then after installation log on using a new mail account.
  • After some time you’ll be connected with the Mod.


If you face any struggles during this process, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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