Download Harry Potter Wizards Unite Mod APK & IPA June 2019

Finally, Harry Potter Wizards Unite has been released worldwide on June 21st, Niantic has bring down an end to the long wait for the release.

Since the game has been released worldwide millions of people have started to download and play the game.

Also, they have only released few videos warning about the urgency of a calamity, that has recently caused which has the risk of exposing the wizard world to the muggles at first.

This is the only piece of information known about the game before release, but for now the game is launched worldwide and we know all the info about the game.

At first, the Beta version of the game has been released out in New Zealand and then the beta version has been released around in Australia and finally its been released all over the world.

It’s really a great thing to see game makers like Niantic is making a good attempt in releasing the game at the same time for all over the world on Playstore, iTunes.

Though there are some issues with the game like buildings not appears in players in rural, but Niantic is working out to solve the issue.

And now finally after the release, the game has been loved by most of the people.

They are releasing this game in association with Warner Bros, Portkey Games who were also one of the famous game makers of all time.

Before the announcement of harry potter wizard unite, Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery is the only game that is based on Harry Potter Series and that is created by Portkey games.

For Niantic this is the 2nd game after Pokemon Go, their first game pokemon go has a wide reach which no one would have ever expected.

Also they are implementing the same AR technology which is used in Pokemon Go, its no doubt that harry potter wizard unite will be an absolute hit.

Since the game has been finally released no we can expect lots of new updates from the game makers and even new features with special events will be added soon too.

How the game works

  • The main concept of this game is that a Calamity has caused in the wizard world so due to that there is a risk of exposure of the wizard world to the muggle world.


  • You’ll be taken as a new recruit, along the other wizards you are going to find the reason for this calamity and prevent this before it exposes the wizard world.


  • There are three types of professions available in the game and you can choose anything you want, You can change your profession any time in the game.

  • And you can do things like preparing Portions and magic bounds which can be used in multiplayer battles.


  • This game contains characters from both the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts.


  • So there is definitely a lot of entertainment going to be available in the game.


Still, want to know more about the game, then click here to know more about it or watch the below video

What is Mod APK

So this question may arise a lot of time in many people because most of them don’t even clearly know what a Mod APK is, it is an APK file that has been altered against the gaming rules to provide unlimited features of the game.

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Is it safe to have Mod APK

Though it’s not legal as per the rules for using mod apk, but actually lots of games are having mod from lots of years before itself and there is no harm in using it but make sure you install it from a good source, maybe like us.

Features of Harry Potter Wizards Unite Mod

There are lots of features available in the Game, and with every update, new features are being introduced so we have listed down the special features of this mod.

And we also regularly update the new features of the game in the game with every update

Get Unlimited Gold & XP

So these are the primary resources of the game and these things can be bought by paying real cash or by progressing in the game you’ll get gold and XP, but with the help of our Mod, you can get unlimited resources of Gold and XP in an Instant.

Get More Ingredients

Download Harry Potter Wizard Unite Latest Mod APK Download Harry Potter Wizard Unite Latest Mod APK

So ingredients are the one which you’ll get by visiting inns which can be used to prepare Portions.

Our Mod reduces your strain by giving you unlimited no of Ingredients by opening chests.

No More wait for Brewing Portion

So portion are special things which can be used against powerful foes to defeat them and there are wide varieties of portion in the game which can be brewed in the cauldron but it takes lots of time to brew portion.

But by using the combination of Master Notes you can reduce the brewing time of spells by 15%.

With the help of our Mod you don’t even have to wait for a minute to brew Portions.

Health Bonus in Fortresses Battles

While battling at the Fortresses you have to clear up to nearly 20 floors in order to win the battle, but your health will be constantly decreased after your fight.

So with low health, you can’t be able to complete the battle fully, but with the help of our Mod, you can battle with unlimited health.

Your health with regains even after it is reduced.

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Download Harry Potter Wizards Unite Mod APK


How to Install Harry Potter Wizards Unite Mod APK

  • First, remove any old versions of the game from your device if you have.
  • Then download the Mod APK file.
  • Give sufficient permission whenever it asks for.
  • Then after installation log on using a new mail account.
  • After some time you’ll be connected with the Mod.

Harry Potter Wizard Unite Mod IPA Download

It is not so easy to install Mod on your iOS device like you have done on the android, carefully follow the steps given below.

Using the normal method

  • Download and install the above-given mod file.
  • Then provide required permissions whatever it asks for.

Install Harry Potter Wizards Mod IPA using DNS Method

Though this is an old method, yet it is one of the effective methods in the game.

  • First, download the game application from the apple store before processing the method.
  • There are three IP address available in the game, choose one depending on your location.
  • Choose the on which is close to you.
  • Open wifi settings and tap on the “i” icon, besides that there will be SSID name.
  • There put any one of the IP address given below to connect to Mod Servers


  • Now start the game and wait until you are connected to the Mod Servers.


What if the Mod doesn’t Work on my device?

It might happen to some people who hasn’t done the installation process clear, or else it might be due to connection error check out your Vpn connections once, if not it may be due to the old device you are using.

Still, the problem persists just ping us we will help you to make the mod work on your device.

How to Unlimited Gold?

Yes just go to the shop and purchase anything you want from gold to ingredients without spending money.

Will the Mod Work in Fortress Fight Too?

Yes with the new update the mod will be working on the Fortress too.

Can I Level up to Max with the Mod?

No, certainly you can’t with the current version, but soon with the update.

Does this mod provide Spoofing features too?

Definitely not it only provides you with the unlimited features, if you want to do so check out our Fake GPS


If you face any struggles during this process, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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