Download Harry Potter Wizards Unite iOS Latest Version June 2019

All the works towards the release of Niantic’s Harry Potter Wizards Unite is going on Full swing and is expected to be released soon.

Harry Potter Wizard Unite, Niantic’s 2nd ever Augmented Reality game after its most successful 1st AR game Pokemon Go.

The game is going to be released in association with Warner Bros & Portkey Games who were one of the widely known game makers of all time.

Really a big treat is waiting for us definitely with three big gaming legends joining together for a game.

There is something so special about this game that is the game makers have only revealed a part of information about the game, yet most things about the game are unknown.

But you don’t have to wait anymore for playing the game since the game’s beta version has been pre-launched in New- Zealand and now in Australia too.

So there is a rule by the play store that the pre-registration started games should release the game within 3 months of pre-registration.

So sooner the game will be released worldwide and if you can’t wait to play the game try the Harry Potter Wizards Unite Beta Servers

But Niantic is going to release this game at the same time for all the users in the world.

Also, Niantic has purchased a special technology for this game which is a advanced version of technology implemented in Pokemon Go and it is called Escher Reality which allows you to port to different places.

What is Escher Reality?

Actually, they are an organisation who develop extraordinary graphics and implements in games and they have joined with Niantic since a few years back for this game harry potter wizard unite.

What’s So Special about Harry Potter Wizards Unite

We can pinpoint out a lot of special things about the game, even the game is a so special one.

  • This is the 2nd biggest game releasing worldwide based on the Harry Potter Series.


  • This game contains characters from both Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts.


  • Lots of wizards are going to be seen in this game.


  • And it is the first game to implement Escher Reality technique in a game.


  • And 2nd ever game release for gaming giant Niantic.


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Download Harry Potter Wizard Unite IPA




Follow the steps given below carefully to Download and install the iOS.

  • First, give sufficient permissions required for installation of third-party apps on your device.
  • Then download and install the file.
  • Allow for certain permission if it asks during the installation.

Watch the new gameplay of the game

How the game Works

Speaking about the concept of the game, only a part of information about the game has been revealed and yet most of the information about the game still remains intact.

However, we infect entertainment has gathered some of the most valuable information from our closest sources about the game since one of our team member is a native of Australia and we will reveal it below.

  • So first basically this is an augmented reality game and a location-based game and this is not actually a game where you can sit idle in a place and play it.


  • And the main concept of this game is that a calamity has been caused and there is a risk of exposing the wizard world to the muggle world.


  • So you will be taken out as a new recruit and along with others you have find out the reason for this calamity and solve this problem as soon as possible.


  • Be prepare your wand and spells for this process.


  • Implementation of Escher reality will allow you to port to different places and you can access these features after certain levels through Portkeys but you have to do certain tasks inorder to open it.


  • There are three various types of professions in the game, namely Auror, Magizoologist, Professor and you have to choose out the profession that suits the best for you in all ways.


  • So like Capturing gyms in Pokemon Go, here you have to capture the Fortress, and there are 20 floors you have to defeat the foes in every floor in order to move to next floor, but you can take out the help of your friends in Fortresses Battles.


  • This is were the professions of the player helps, if you take out the enemies with the help of your team it will be easy to defeat.


  • Attack the enemies based on their characteristics that’s why choosing the profession matters because it will be so helpful in this battles.

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