Download Harry Potter Wizard Unite Fake GPS for Android & iOS

So if you want to know exactly on how to fake your Location for Harry Potter Wizard Unite on Android & iOS then you are at the right place to do it so.

As Harry Potter Wizard Unite is a location-based game, so you can’t play this game by sitting idle in a single place.

So faking your location is not going to be an easy task, lots of patience and guts are needed for it, since it is a highly risky process.

We kind of all know that Pokemon Go which was also a same kind of game like harry potter wizard unite since both of them were created out by Niantic and also both of them are AR game so.

Since Niantic has captured lots of users doing these illegal things and got captured, even some of the accounts of players were actually banned.

So for this game Harry Potter Wizard Unite definitely Niantic are going to bring with a lot of strict things to prevent these illegal activities.

You know what if they grew strong by the years, even we also whatever the thing is there will definitely a loophole for anything in this world.

But whatever we do at some point and at some stage they are going to caught you, so you have to be extra careful because eventually there are the creators of the game, so they always have an upper hand.

We always don’t encourage using these kinds of stuffs, always play it legal and safe

What is Faking your Location?

So actually Harry Potter Wizard Unite is a Location Based game so you have to move around to capture wizards and spell ingredients, for that you have to roam a lot actually.

But most of them want to do that by sitting in a cool place may be like kind of home, so by Faking up your location, you can easily do that in your favourite place.

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Use of Fake GPS?

This fake Gps actually is an application to travel anywhere around the world by sitting idle in a place, but only by using the Fake GPS without proper Spoofing there are chances of being caught and get your account banned.

So read our complete guide on Harry Potter Wizard Unite Spoofing to do this process safe and sound.

Download Harry Potter Wizard Unite Fake GPS for Android

So this process is for the rooted devices and you don’t have to do many things like for non rooted devices, just simply follow out the things below.

  • Go to play store and download the GPS faking APP ¬†or any other APP as you like.
  • Make sure you have Harry Potter Wizard Unite on your Device.
  • Now turn the location mode on and give the required settings.
  • Now you are on, start using the GPS for faking your location.

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Download Harry Potter Wizard Unite Fake GPS for Android ( No Root )

  • So on Android, you need to become as a developer to avail out these options.
  • For that go to the settings then about and then tap on Build number 7 times, now you’ll be a developer.
  • Now go to the new developer settings and select mock location and then the Fake GPS.
  • Now you’ll be able to change out your location based on the Fake GPS that you are using.
  • So you can now start the game and start moving the joystick by sitting idle in a single place and start moving to different places.

Watch out the below video to know more

Download Harry Potter Wizard Unite Fake GPS for iOS (JailBreak)


So for this process, you need a device which is a jail Break device and follow the steps given below.

  • So like the android download Fake GPS for your iOS device using the above link.
  • Then provide required permissions for installation.
  • Now turn on the Fake GPS and start the game.
  • Now you’ll be able to change your location wherever you want.


We hope you have got a good working Fake GPS as you wanted and please give your feedback which will help us to grow.

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