Download Harry Potter Wizards Unite APK latest version June 2019

Harry Potter Wizard Unite the name of the title itself indicates there is an urgency and wizards are needed out to be united for a certain cause.

Yes there is a great calamity has caused and wizard world is at the great risk of getting exposed to the muggle world.

This is what the short info of the game says that has been obtained from the videos that have been released out by the game makers.

The pre-registration of the game which has been started on March 11 is going in full swing and everything has been all set for the release.

It is expected that the pre-registration for the game will around 5 million – 10 million on an average, this is Niantic’s harry potter wizard unite nobody can predict what’s going to happen out next.

The beta version of the game had been recently released in New Zealand and Australia and getting a tremendous response so far.

This game is actually developed and going to published by Niantic games in association with Warner Bros and Portkey Games, who were one of the famous game makers of all time.

So this is also going to be another Location-based Augmented Reality game by Niantic after its successful Pokemon Go.

Also, niantic has purchased out a company called Escher Reality who were big guns in the field of Augmented reality.

Also, a new AR technology of transporting from one place to another is going to be available.

Download Harry Potter Wizards Unite APK Latest 2019

So the steps for downloading and installing APK is most of the people have already known, yet we explain it for people who don’t know about it.

  • You can see the above link, download the above link.
  • And then install the file on your device.
  • Now if it asks any permission for installation, don’t hesitate to give.
  • Now, log in with a new mail id.
  • Then start playing your favourite game as you always want.

Try your early access to the game through the beta servers

How the game Works

So this is an augmented reality game like Pokemon Go which was released a few years back and it is also a location-based game.

The new technology called Escher Realty allows you to port to different places.

Plus this game contains more advanced features that you haven’t experienced in the Pokemon Go.

Watch the below video to know more information from the trailer of the game

There are three types of professions available in the game and you have the option of choosing the profession as you want.

Each profession will have its unique features so choose the one that suits you the best.

And you can do multiplayer battles at the fortress but remember that within a certain time you have to beat the opponents, so always mind that your clock is ticking.

And there are nearly 20 floors in the game, you can move to next floor after defeating the foes on the floor.

As you move up the foes also will become stronger.

So this is where you can use the help of your friends and take out the opponents together within the stipulated time.

And you have to Brew up the Portions and Keep your wands ready for battles because battles can happen out at any time anywhere.

And there are many features like Portkeys where you can get resources and many essentials, But you have to complete certain challenges inorder to open Portkeys.

This is the only few information that the game makers have released till now, want to know more about it then read our complete guide about the game.

Features of Harry Potter Wizards Unite APK

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