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Harry Potter Wizard Unite the name that will be definitely circulating around the minds of All niantic and Harry Potter fans right now, since it been nearly one and a half month since the pre-registration for the game has started.

And the game is definitely going to be released out soon, so you might be reading and packing up your gear for the main day.

Harry Potter Wizard Unite is a location-based Augmented Reality game from the makers of Pokemon Go Niantic in association with Warner Bros and Portkey Games.

These names itself will tell you how good the game will that’s the reason why there are lots of hype regarding the release of the game.

So this only the second game out from Niantic after the success of Pokemon Go where millions played this game make it as a massive hit.

And definitely, this would be an X factor for Harry Potter Wizard Unite since this is also game more over like the Pokemon Go.

On the other hand, Portkey who were the game makers of Harry Potter Hogwarts mystery, so there’s definitely going to a lot of things in the game for sure.

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About the game -Harry Potter Wizard Unite


  • As we said earlier this is a location-based Augmented Reality so you can’t play out this game by sitting idle in a place like the way you play other games.


  • You have to move out a lot in order to be successful in this game.


  • And there is a new technology called Escher reality has been introduced out in this game which allows you to port to different places.


  • And you have the option of choosing out the profession you want to be in the game.


  • The multiplayer battles in the game will take place out in the fortress-like the way it takes place at the gym in the Pokemon Go.


  • If you want to have an advantage in the multiplayer battles then you have to prepare and keep ready your spells always.


  • The main concept of the game is that you’ll be taken out as a new recruit to solve the calamity which makes the risk of exposing the wizard world to the muggle world.


  • And you are in the charge to solve out this mystery calamity and bring back the wizard world to the way normal it was once.

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Features of Harry Potter Wizard Unite Hack

  • So who in this world would not want to play the location-based game by sitting out idle in a single place.


  • You might be searching all the way around the internet for a way to do it.


  • And might end up in failure and finally, you might get here.


  • So don’t worry our Harry Potter Wizard Unite Hack will provide you with a Hack which will provide all the features that you want.


  • With the help of our hack, you can enjoy the comfort of playing out the game by sitting out idle in a place.


  • Also, get unlimited magical spells which will help you a lot in the multiplayer battles.


  • There are actually three professions out in the game and you have to choose one which suits you in the beginning.


  • In normal version, you can’t change out the profession once selected.


  • But our Hack allows you to change the profession whenever you want.


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How to Download Harry Potter Wizard unite Hack APK

  • First, download out the above-given Hack file on your Device.


  • Then connect to any Private VPN network.


  • Once you have done the above process, now download any Fake GPS out from the Play store.


  • Then install the Hack File.


  • Once installed login with a new mail id.


  • Hopefully, now a joystick will be appearing on your Screen, which you use it move your location.


How to Download Harry Potter Wizard unite Hack IPA

The process for the IPA is very similar to the APK with minor changes.

  • Download any good Fake GPS from the play store.


  • And give required permissions whenever it asks during the installation.


So if you have any doubts during the process, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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