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So if you are reading this page in our Website (Infect Entertainment), You must be a Die Hard Harry Potter Series fan like us, Hi, I am Draco & I am one of the serious follower, lover of Harry Potter Series, I have Watched all the series more than 10-20 x times.

Me & My Friend was really waiting for Any kind of Harry Potter games to launch, We are some bad freaks of gaming, Our Routine was just to Eat, Sleep, Watch Harry Potter Series, Play Games in hardcore mode and repeat. But unfortunately, all the old ones of Harry Potter Series were really Boring and not Worth to Play!

So Friends, Finally the Time has come for Harry Potter Fans, Harry Potter Wizards Unite is about to be launched Worldwide soon, Produced by Niantic & Warner Bros (Big Names in this Industry), This game is AR based which made me and my friend go Crazy! We have started this Blog (Infect Entertainment), Peeps 😀 don’t ask Why we kept this name, It’s made something to help the Gaming Community!

In this Blog, We will Provide all kind of latest updates, Tips, Tricks, Strategies, News, Gossips & Upcoming Updates, Everything you need to know about Harry Potter Wizards Unite, All gathered in One place! So If you want to be a hardcore player, Turn your gaming to upside down! Infect Entertainment is for You!

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